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Actual Implant


Dr. Morrill received his degree in Doctorate of Dental Medicine from a leading Dental/Medical School in the U.S. where he graduated Magna Cum laude with high honors at the top 10% of his class (Ranked Eighth in a class of over 150 graduates).  Subsequently he attended a Post Graduate Residency Program where he studied advanced techniques in various disciplines of Dentistry. 

After formal dental training, Dr. Morrill was in a group private practice for over three years.

Subsequently, he joined a major medical center where he was the Director of The Residency (Dental Internship) Program.  At the same time, Dr. Morrill practiced advanced clinical dentistry in the Medical Center's dental pavilion for over eight years treating the most challenging and difficult patients.  Dr. Morrill also attained extensive experience in surgical procedures at the Medical Center's Emergency Department and The Operating Rooms.

Additionally, since graduating from Dental School, Dr. Morrill has attained over 1,800 hours of advanced training and continuing education courses to maintain his proficiency in the various disciplines of Dentistry.

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